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Flexpricer® CPQ for Salesforce contains lots of great pricing and selling features that run within our proprietary interface – Vision Product Selector.

Many features can be enabled and disabled individually and we recommend enabling only those features that you plan to use as this helps Flexpricer run more efficiently.

Over time, we have renamed some features to improve their consistency with terminology used by Salesforce. The grouping or names of features on older versions of Flexpricer may differ from the grouping and names below.

Please refer to the Legacy Naming Guide for more details.

Making Selling Simpler Features

These are the core features of Vision Product Selector. They make life as a sales user easier, but they don’t make any pricing or line item changes.

  1. Real Time Interface offering real-time edits & updates before saving,
  2. Customisable Quick Search finds the right product fast using your own search field and display criteria
  3. Custom Fields Support allows you to embed your won opportunity product and quote line item custom fields in the real-time interface to capture additional relevant information.
  4. Customisable Product Cards display more details from search and store favourites to quick add to the opportunity
  5. Rapid Product Quantities will quickly add predetermined quantities of your products from the Product Cards area
  6. Product Bookmarks allow individual sales users to select up to 12 products that appear as their own first product cards, provided they are in the selected pricebook
  7. Quote Launcher allows the sales user to launch a Salesforce-like quote template from the Vision Product Selector interface
  8. Default Quantities allow you to configure different default quantities for each product
  9. Notifications provide instant, in-browser, notifications of useful sales intelligence
  10. Advanced Precision enable users to view and save product prices and line items by increasing the number of decimal places

Simple Guided Selling Features

These features guide the sales user by suggesting and recommending ways to sell products and services more profitably and accurately.

  1. Simple Product Configurator allows a single product to include ‘options’ for selection alongside or within it – this can be used to sell a product with features (each feature being an option), or a product with multiple other products (each other product being a separate product)
  2. Guided Product Bundles (Add-ons) automatically add additional products to an opportunity (or making selections within the configurator) based on the products that have been previously selected
  3. Up-sell Products recommend suitable alternate products that can be swapped in for the currently selected product to increase the value of an opportunity/quote
  4. Down-sell Products recommend suitable alternate products that can be swapped for the currently selected product as an option to avoid discounting the current product
  5. Cross-Sell Products to offer additional products to be sold alongside currently selected product
  6. Greener-Sell Products to offer more sustainable, or environmentally-friendly products could be swapped for the currently selected product
  7. Target Total allows a sales users to revise the total amount of an opportunity/quote by automatically spreading a proportionate discount (if the Target Total is lower than the value of the line items) or proportionately increasing the sales price (if the Target Total is higher than the value of the line items) across all line items
  8. Compatible Products highlight products that are compatible (or incompatible) with others
  9. Allowed Quantities restrict the sales user to select only a predefined list of quantities for the product
  10. Product Location Filters filter the list of products available in search results based on a pre-defined filter

Account-Based Features

These features automatically amend prices and discounts based on information configured on – or related to – Account records.

  1. Contracted Pricing lock-in agreed product prices or discounts for different clients – so they always get their agreed price – also includes expiry dates!
  2. Account-specific Products make products specific to an Account (or Customer) so that they only appear in search results for their associated accounts
  3. Segmented Account Pricing changes the sales price of groups of products for groups of customers
  4. Pricing Partners allow pre-defined product prices to be used by associating an Opportunity with a secondary Account record that itself uses Contracted or Segmented Account Pricing
  5. Account Pricebooks set pricebooks by accounts rather than opportunities so each time a client orders, you use the right pricebook
  6. Account Discount guarantee a standardised discount to all opportunities on any given account
  7. Dynamic Account Pricelist allows you to search or download a dynamically generated Account price list that includes bespoke products and pricing without having to create a pricebook for each Account

Product-Based Features

These features amend prices and discounts, plus suggest/recommend/control other line items based on information configured on – or related to – Product records

  1. Fixed Product Bundles generate more profit by grouping products together to sell at a special bundle price
  2. Volume Pricing and Discounts offer discounts for larger orders at certain volume breaks and encourage up-selling
  3. Quantity Price Breaks apply tiered discounts based on the quantity of products added to an opportunity or quote
  4. Percentage Pricing empower you to price a product dynamically based on the value of other products on the opportunity or quote
  5. Time-Limited Availability allows products to only become available for a time-limited period between a start date and end date
  6. Time-Limited Discounts automatically apply a discount to a product when that product is added to an opportunity between the discount start date and discount end date
  7. Dated List Price Adjustments automatically change the list price of a pricebook entry on a pre-defined date
  8. Product Data Translations allows products to be searched for, added to an Opportunity/Quote and displaying local language data in any Salesforce supported language
  9. Percentage Discount Products add a negative-value line item to opportunities and quotes
  10. Quantity Rates and Multipliers enable you to price per thousand or other denomination, as suits your product range
  11. Dimensional Quantities – creates an automatic calculation of square/cubic measurements when quantities are driven by dimensions
  12. Exclusion Strategies allow you to exclude certain products from search, account discount and account price lists

Finance-Based Features

And last, but by no means least, features designed to control and highlight costs and profit margins.

  1. Profit Calculator to give you instant visibility of product and opportunity/quote margins when adding line items
  2. Dated Cost Adjustments automatically change the cost of a pricebook entry on a pre-defined date
  3. Cost-based Pricing automatically sets the sales price of a line item based on a mark-up or margin on a cost
  4. Finance Schedules spread opportunity amount between start and end dates on line items to distribute revenue across different months based on number of days in the month
  5. Price Lock for Salesforce Products prevents a user from changing the sales price of an individual product when they have permissions to change all sales prices

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