Line Item Custom Field Support

What is Line Item Custom Field Support and Why is it Useful

Line Item Custom Field Support allows your sales team to edit the description, date and other custom fields on opportunity products and quote line items live whilst they’re interacting with the Flexpricer Vision Product Selector.

It also allows you to make visible on the line item any field that is on the related product or any custom field on the related opportunity.

So, there’s no need to leave the interface to make updates to opportunity products and add in information that’s specific to your process.

In the example below we have set the Opportunity Product Description field to be visible in Flexpricer – so when add a product to the interface, we can additionally update the description field too.

Use Line Item Custom Field Support to show your sales team the fields they need on opportunity products and quote line items so that you’re able to gather the information you need all in Flexpricer’s real-time interface – Vision Product Selector.

How to Setup Line Item Custom Field Support

  • In Lightning, go to Setup > Search (type ‘Opportunity Product’) > Opportunity Product > Field Sets
  • Edit the Flexpricer® Optional Display Field Set
  • Add the opportunity product, product or opportunity fields that you wish to display, in the order you wish them to be displayed
  • Opportunity Product fields will be editable if the user has permission to edit, fields from other objects are read only.
  • Click Save
  • Repeat this process having searched for Quote Line Items (if you wish the fields to be displayed on quote line items)

Synchronising Opportunity Product Custom Fields with Quote Line Item Custom Fields

If you are using both Quotes and Opportunities in Salesforce, and have custom fields on line items that you wish to keep in sync when the Quote and Opportunity are syncing, you may use the Quote Sync Field Map custom setting to specify the line item fields to keep in sync.

  • In Lightning, go to Setup > Quick Find (type ‘Custom Setting’) > Custom Settings > Quote Sync Field Map
  • Press Manage then New
  • In the Name field, type in the API name of the Opportunity Product field that you wish to keep in sync
  • In the Target Quote field, type in the API name of the Quote Line Item field that you wish to keep in sync with the specified Opportunity Product field
  • Press Save
  • The Quote Line Item field will now be kept in sync with the Opportunity Product field when the Quote is syncing with the Opportunity

Important Information for Administrators

  • Ensure that any fields that are selected in the Flexpricer® Optional Display field set do not have the same API name as any fields that are provided by Flexpricer®.
    For example, Flexpricer includes a field called ‘Start Date’, with the API name ‘start_date__c’. Managed Packages such as Flexpricer include namespaces that are prefixed to fields that are installed to uniquely identify them (Flexpricer’s namespace is ‘crms11’). However, in certain types of queries, Salesforce is unable to distinguish between a locally created field and one supplied within the package.
    If you use Custom Field Support and wish to display fields from either Opportunity Product or Quote Line Item that have API names that match those provided by Flexpricer (excluding the namespace prefix), please rename the API name of your locally created field so that it does not conflict with the API name of the field provided in FlexPricer (e.g. change your locally created field’s API name from start_date__c to myco_start_date__c)

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