Allowed Quantities on Opportunity and Quote Line Items in Salesforce

What are Allowed Quantities for Salesforce and Why are they Useful?

Allowed Quantities help your sales team accurately select quantity multiples for a product where there are restricted volumes to sell.

For example, you may have a product that may only be sold in multiples of 10. The Allowed Quantities feature allows you to specify the exact quantities that a sales user may select from a predefined picklist instead of freely editing the quantity field.

How to Set Up Allowed Quantities

  • Add the ‘Allowed Quantities’ multi-select picklist to your Product page layout
  • Visit the Object Manager fields for Product in Setup and create the quantities that can be selected as multi-select picklist values in the Allowed Quantities picklist.

How to Use Allowed Quantities

  • Allowed Quantities must first be enabled in Flexpricer Settings for the functionality to run.
  • When a value is present in the ‘Selected Values’ column of the Allowed Quantities multi-select picklist on a Product, then if that Product is added as a line item to an Opportunity or Quote, then the a picklist is displayed for the quantity of the Product instead of an edit field.
  • The selectable values in the quantity picklist are those that are ‘Selected Values’ in the related ‘Allowed Quantities’ multi-select picklist on the Product.

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