Greener Selling in Salesforce

Greener Selling introduced in v1.57.0 [Lincoln I]

What is Greener Selling in Salesforce and Why is it Useful

Greener Selling in Salesforce allows you to connect alternative eco-friendly products (or products with improved sustainability) to an existing product record and pro-actively offer the sales user an easy way to swap out the product that they have selected for a customer with the greener alternative.

The feature is part of the upsell/cross-sell range of features.

For example if you were selling a bag of coffee: Brazil Blend and had a fairtrade alternative ‘Brazil Blend Fairtrade’, then if a user adds ‘Brazil Blend’ to an Opportunity or Quote then they are automatically offered Brazil Blend Fairtrade as a swap-out option

At the press of a button, the line item is swapped out for the greener alternative.

How to Setup Greener Selling

  • Go to the Flexpricer® Settings page
  • On the Settings sub-tab, in the Sales Empowerment section check the box to Enable Greener/Up/Down/Cross-Sell and click Save
  • On the Onboarding sub-tab, if you haven’t already moved the slide to add the related lists and fields to Product Page Layouts, then either move the slider to add the related lists and fields to Product Page Layouts or…
    • Go to Setup > Search (type Product) > Product > Page Layouts > Edit
    • Under the Product Page Layout add the related list Related Products 
    • Next to the Related Products related list, click on the spanner and select Related Product, Guidance Notes, Greener Sell, Up-sell, Down-sell and Cross-sell fields
    • Click Save and Yes to override users’ customisations

How to Administer Greener Selling

  • Using the example above, go to the Brazil Blend product page.
  • On the Related Products related list, press the New button to create a new Related Product record
  • On the new Related Product record
    • Select the Brazil Blend Fairtrade product in the Related Product lookup
    • Check the Greener Sell checkbox
    • In the Guidance Notes field, enter ‘This Fairtrade alternative pays growers 100% above typical rates and encourages farmers to invest in their farms to produce higher quality coffee’
    • Press Save

You can upload multiple Related Product records using data loader or your preferred ETL tool.

How to Use Greener Selling

  • In the Flexpricer interface, when a sales user adds Brazil Blend as a line item to an Opportunity or Quote, a button appears beneath the line item with the Greener Sell options
  • In the example here, the button will display the Brazil Blend Fairtrade product
  • When the sales user hovers over the button, they see the Guidance Notes for suggestions on how to help the buyer select the offer of the Fairtrade alternative.
  • When the sales user presses the button, the Brazil Blend line item is swapped out for Brazil Blend Fairtrade line item.

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