Target Discounted Total

What is Target Discounted Total and Why is it Useful

Target Discounted Total used to be called Total Price Revisions. The terminology change was released in FlexPricer Bishops III.

Target Discounted Total makes it simple to agree a single price to cover all the products of an opportunity and to apportion the same discount across them all. Rather than your sales team heavily discounting one product, which disproportionately affects the profitability of that product, Target Discounted Total spreads the discount across all the products on the opportunity.

If, for example, we have an opportunity with 5 products with a value of £2,949.00 and negotiate a deal with the customer to purchase these for £2,800.00, simply type ‘2800’ into the Target Discounted Total box and click Apply.

The opportunity value is set to £2,800.00 and the same discount is applied to all products to reach that value.

If you wish to remove the target discounted total, then click the Undo button to remove it. The target discounted total is automatically removed whenever you make a change to the value of the opportunity or quote by adding, removing or editing existing line items.

Target Discounted Total helps you to trust your sales data more, with opportunity discounts being shared across all products, and empowers your sales team to agree a total price, without having to work out a discount percentage and choose one product to discount.

Setup Target Discounted Total

  • Visit FlexPricer Settings page and check the box marked Enable Total Price Revisions

Using Target Discounted Total

  • Go to the Opportunity for which you would like to revise the total price
  • Edit the “Target Discounted Total” field to reflect the new price and press ‘Apply’
  • The discount will be automatically calculated and shared across all eligible line items (i.e. those without a Price Lock)
  • To undo the discount, either click the ‘Undo’ button or make a change to the total by adding, editing or removing line items.

Important Information about Target Discounted Total

  • When line items exist that use Percentage Pricing, you may occasionally see rounding issues when using automated Target Discounted Total.

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