Bespoke Account Products for Salesforce

What are Bespoke Account Products for Salesforce and Why are they Useful?

FlexPricer’s Account-Specific Products feature enables you to make products specific to an Account (or Customer) – they only appear in search results only for certain accounts.

This feature is ideal if you create versions of your products that are (for example) specifically branded for certain customers.  So, you want to prevent “Customer A” from buying products that may be branded for “Customer B”.

When you flag a product as being account specific, that product will ONLY appear in the search results for the accounts that you have specified Client Pricing records for. 

Use Account-Specific Products when you agree that certain products can only be purchased by certain customers and you want to remove the risk of your sales team accidentally offering or selling them to other customers.

How to Setup Account-Specific Products for Salesforce

  • Follow the instructions to setup Client Pricing with the amendments below
  • When on the Product Page Layout, additionally add the Client Price Only checkbox to the detail area of the layout

Using Account-Specific Products

  • Go to the Product that you wish to make account-specific.
  • Check the box marked Client Price Only.  This checkbox ensures that the product will only be returned in search results where there is a valid Client Pricing record.
  • Create a Client Pricing record that relates to this product according to the instructions in the Using Client Pricing section of the Client Pricing page.
  • You may create multiple Client Pricing records and the specific product will be returned in search results for all specified accounts.

Useful Notes on Account-Specific Products

  • There must be a valid Client Pricing record related to an Account for the product to be returned in search results. A valid record is one 
    • which does not have an expiry date
    • where the expiry date is on or after today
  • Account Price List honours Account-Specific Products

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