Price Analysis for Salesforce Line Items

What is Price Analysis for Salesforce Line Items and Why is it Useful?

Price Analysis for Salesforce Line Items allows sales users to quickly see how the final selling price of product is made up, including all price changes and discounts applied from the list price down.

In Advanced Mode, the analysis also includes and assessment as to whether the final price that product is being sold at is above or below the user’s visible average.

It’s never been easier and clearer to see a comprehensive breakdown of how the price of a product is made up.

If you hover over a value in the updated price column you’ll see exactly how the price breaks down, including a total discount that has been applied from both the sales price and the list price.  

No more wasting time with spreadsheets and calculators trying to work out how you’ve achieved a final selling price.  Use Line Item Price Analysis to quickly analyse how a final price is achieved for a product through the accumulation of discounts and sales price changes. 

How to Setup Line Item Price Analysis

No setup is required for the basic Line Item Price Analysis – this is automatically included in FlexPricer.

To enable Advanced Mode:

  • Visit the FlexPricer Settings page
  • Check the box next to Display Line Item Performance.
  • Press Save

Useful Information

  • Line Item Price Analysis was previously known as Product Discount Hover and was displayed as a hover on the Discount column. The enhanced feature is moved to the Updated Price column

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