Guided Product Bundles (Add-ons) for Salesforce

What are Guided Product Bundles (Add-ons) for Salesforce and Why are they Useful?

Guided Bundles help your sales team sell more by automatically adding related products to an opportunity based on the products they’ve selected.

In the example above, when a customer orders ‘Paper Coffee Cups’ we want to guide the sales user by automatically adding ‘Cup Lids’ to the opportunity. This makes sure that the sales team never forget to sell lids when selling cups. On the ‘Paper Coffee Cups’ product record we can see the guided products listed.

We can specify the quantity of the guided product and also whether we need to treat this as an explicit quantity or multiple of the master product quantity. This is relevant when line items are added using Rapid Product Quantities or when the default quantity of the master product has been modified. In this case, we’re using multiple of master because if we add 10 boxes of cups, we also want 10 boxes of lids. 

Now when we add ‘Paper Coffee Cups (4oz)’ to an opportunity, we automatically have ‘Cup Lids’ as well.

Use Guided Product Bundles to push additional, relevant products onto an opportunity to help your sales team sell the right range of products to your customers every time. 

How to Setup Guided Bundles (Add-ons)

  • Add the ‘Master Add-on’ and ‘Included as an Add-on to’ related lists to your Product page layout

How to Use Guided Bundles (Add-ons) – Basics

  • From the ‘Add-on Master’ Product – i.e. the product that will trigger the add-on to be added – press the ‘New’ button on the ‘Master Add-on’ related list
  • Populate the ‘Add-on Product’ lookup with the product that you would like automatically added on as a line item when the master product is selected.
  • Specify the ‘Default Quantity’ to add a different quantity of the ‘Add-on Product’ when the line item is created by this functionality.

Enhancing the use of Guided Bundles (Add-ons)

On the Add-on record…

  • Specify an ‘Add-on Discount’ if you’d like a discount to be automatically applied to the ‘Add-on Product’ when it is automatically added on as a line item.
  • Check the ‘Required’ checkbox to force the ‘Add-on Product’ to be tied to the ‘Add-on Master’ Product – removing the Add-on Master Product automatically removes the Add-on Product. Note that this functionality also works in Simple Product Configurator if the Add-on Product is included as a Product Option.
  • If using the Simple Product Configurator, checking the ‘Master Locked’ checkbox means that the Add-on Product cannot be selected on its own and it will be automatically selected when the Add-on Master Product is selected.
  • If you check the ‘Multiple of Master’ checkbox, then the default quantity of the add-on will be considered as a multiple of the default quantity of the original item. If using Flexpricer’s Rapid Product Quantity buttons on Product Cards then the default quantity will be considered as a multiple of the quantity selected using Rapid Product Quantity.
  • If you additionally check ‘Persistent Multiple of Master’ checkbox (as well as ‘Multiple of Master’ checkbox), then the add-on product’s quantity becomes read-only and stays in sync as a multiple of the master product’s quantity.

Important Information

  • For performance reasons, we recommend having no more than 50 products automatically added as line items when using Guided Product Bundles. Prior to v1.50.1, our recommendation was to have no more than 10 line items automatically added on.

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