Real-Time Interface with Advanced Search

What is a Real Time Interface and Why is it Useful

  • Flexpricer’s ‘Vision Product Selector’ Real-Time Interface makes it easy for your sales team to see the impact of individual product price changes and updates whilst they’re working in real time without having to Save first.
  • Calculations of discounts and price updates appear live on screen whilst Flexpricer is running, making it super simple to see and work with products.
  • Changes made in the real-time interface are only committed to your database when the Save button is pressed, making sure that your opportunity history is accurate and sensibly maintained.
  • Users can quickly and easily add and remove line items – including a bulk remove option that can clear all line items in one go!

How to Setup Real Time Interface

  • There’s nothing to it really, unless you want to hide a couple of the default columns or top navigation bar.
  • You can prevent the Product Code, Discount or List Price columns or the Navigation Bar from being displayed in the interface by applying the relevant Custom Permission to a user’s profile OR by creating a Custom Permission Set that includes the Custom Permission.
  • The Custom Permissions include
    • Hide Product Code Column
    • Hide List Price Column 
    • Hide Discount Column
    • Hide Navigation Bar
  • Once applied, the relevant elements of the interface are hidden from the user

Once you’ve completed the setup (including the post-installation button changes) you use the Flexpricer’s Real-Time Interface to manage all your opportunity products and quote line items.

What is Advanced Search and Why is it Useful

Flexpricer’s Advanced Search provides THREE simple yet highly effective ways of searching your product database to find your products really quickly.

  1. In the Advanced Search box simply type any Product Code, Product Family, Product Description or Product Name, then
    press Enter to see your search results in a friendly, easy-to-view card format.
  2. You can also include your own custom fields on Product to the search by adding them to Flexpricer Search Fields  Field Set on Product.
  3. Operator-Based Search means that numeric fields can be searched too!  Simply place a colon at the start of the search and
    use the syntax of field-operator-value.  For example…
    :UnitPrice > 100 will return all products with a unit price of great than 100 (in the currency of the opportunity)
Advanced Search hands you the power to search the fields that you need to get to the right results quickly.

How to Setup Advanced Search

  • To get Advanced Search to find products based on your own custom fields,
    navigate to

    • Setup -> Customize -> Products -> Field Set
    • Open the Field Set called Flexpricer® Search Fields and add fields that you’d like to search to the field set.

Important Information about Advanced Search

  • Salesforce does not allow Long Text fields to be indexed and searched using standard SOQL queries, so if you wish to search within text fields, you will need to either ensure that these are configured as Text or Text Area fields OR enable the Search with SOSL Setting to use Salesforce’s global search functionality.

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