Product Bookmarks for Salesforce

What are Product Bookmarks and Why are they Useful

Product Bookmarks allow each sales user to select up to 12 of their own preferred products (bookmarks) and for these to appear at the top of the product cards area every time they load Vision Product Selector.

So, there’s no need for users to go searching for products that they regularly sell.

In the video example below, we can see that Coffee Brazil Blend 1kg and Coffee Grinder Lux are bookmarked (previously known as Favorite/Favourite Products) and these appear at the top of the product cards area so they can be quickly added to an opportunity.

If we now wish to add Coffee Columbia Blend to this list all we need to do is scroll down to find Coffee Columbia blend and press the star icon.   This product is now automatically added to our list of Product Bookmarks.

Then when we exit Vision Product Selector and then reload it, we can see that all three products are now listed at the top of the product card section – ready for quickly adding to the opportunity.

Use Product Bookmarks to save your sales team time searching for products that they regularly sell so they’re not wasting valuable selling time.  

Each sales user can choose their own 12 products to bookmark so works seamlessly with any sized team.

Useful Administrator Information

  • Product Bookmarks are linked to PricebookEntries, so sales users can have different bookmarks for different Pricebooks


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