Read-Only Mode

What is Read-Only Mode and Why is it Useful?

Vision Product Selector’s Read-Only Interface Mode allows Admins to make Vision Product Selector read-only when appropriate on an Opportunity or Quote.

Typically, when an Opportunity is closed as won, managers and administrators aim to stop sales users from accidentally updating/changing products. This can be achieved using automation with record types and page layouts.

However, Vision Product Selector provides a simple way to turn its interface read-only, thus preventing modifications and changes to line items.

Simply check a checkbox on Opportunity using an automation such as Workflow, Process Builder or Flow and the interface will become read-only.

How to Set up Read-Only Mode

  • Add the Flexpricer Read Only checkbox to Opportunity and/or Quote page layouts
  • Check the checkbox using your own custom Workflow Rule, Process or Flow to check this checkbox when an Opportunity is won or when a Quote is presented.
  • Permission to this checkbox is read only in the Flexpricer (User) permission set and read/write in the Flexpricer (Manager) and Flexpricer (Administrator) permission sets.

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