Simple Quote Launcher for Salesforce

What is Simple Quote Launcher and Why is it Useful

Simple Quote Launcher enables you to streamline your workflow by allowing users to email a quote to your prospects and customers directly from the FlexPricer interface.  

Setup Simple Quote Launcher

  • Go to FlexPricer Settings page
  • Under ‘Platform’ check the box next to Generate Quote Button and press Save
  • To use an alternative Quote Template, paste the link to your own Visualforce Page Quote Template into the Quote PDF Template URL box.
  • The correct link for the Visualforce page can be obtained by pressing the ‘Preview’ button on your Visualforce page.  The link should include the domain (not

 The following video demonstrates how to setup and use Simple Quote Launcher.

Creating a Custom Quote Template

  • Copy the contents of the Visualforce Page called Quote (check that it’s the page that’s using the crms11 prefix) into a new Visualforce Page
  • Ensure that any custom fields that are provided in the FlexPricer package are prefixed with the text crms11__
  • Update the Visualforce Page to use your own branding and styles.  Remember that this page is rendered using Salesforce’s own Visualforce PDF engine.  Check out the Salesforce Developer Guide page for considerations.

Using Quote Launcher

  • When the Generate Quote button is pressed, either the default or custom quote template will be displayed together with a button called ‘Save Quote and Email’
  • Pressing the Save Quote and Email button will create and save a new Quote record with the Quote PDF attached AND automatically launch the email template page with the quote as an attachment, ready to send.

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