Rapid Product Quantities

What are Rapid Product Quantities and Why are they Useful

Rapid Product Quantities speed up adding common quantities of products to opportunities.  Rather than manually typing in the quantity, you can set up to 6 Rapid Quantities available on Rapid Product Quantity buttons displayed on FlexPricer Product Cards.  

You can set different rapid quantities for different products.

In the below example, the product “Coffee Brazil Blend 1kg” has rapid quantities of 5, 10, 15 and 20, but the “Coffee Brazil Blend 500g” product has rapid quantities of 10, 25 and 50.

If we take a look at the Product Cards for each of these in the FlexPricer interface, we’ll see that we can rapidly add alternative quantities just by clicking the appropriate rapid quantity button.

Rapid Product Quantities is a time-saver that makes it much easier for your sales to add common multiples of products to opportunities so that they’re not wasting time changing quantity fields unnecessarily. 

Setup Rapid Product Quantities

  • Go to Setup > Search (type Product) > Product > Page Layouts > Edit
  • Under the Product Page Layout add the “Rapid Quantity Options” field in the Product Information section
  • Next go to the Product you wish to add Rapid Product Quantities to
  • Edit the Rapid Quantity Options field
  • Select the options – choose from either 1, 5, 10, 20, or 50 
  • Click Save

Note: You can add up to 6 Rapid Quantity Options per product.

Using Rapid Product Quantities

  • Go to the Opportunity
  • Click Add Product
  • Search for the product which has Rapid Product Quantities available
  • On the FlexPricer product card you will see buttons showing the Rapid Quantity Options you setup
  • Click the button and it will automatically add that amount of the product to your opportunity.
  • Click Save

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