Native High Precision (Increase Decimal Places)

What is Flexpricer’s Native High Precision and Why is it Useful

Native High Precision allows you to view and save product quantities, prices and discounts with number, currency and percentage fields using additional precision (more decimal places).


By default, Salesforce displays and uses 2 decimal places for Quantities and Pricebook Entries (though can offer 3 decimal places when editing) and this precision can only be increased on request to Salesforce Support.

If you were to request to an increase in decimal places on currency fields from Salesforce Support, you will find that all currency fields are adjusted to display the additional decimal places through the whole of Salesforce. This can be inconvenient.

Natively, Flexpricer works to 8 decimal places without needing to request additional decimal places from Salesforce Support.

In the Vision Product Selector, you can manipulate quantities, prices and discounts to this high degree of precision without requesting additional decimal places from Salesforce Support.

Flexpricer will calculate and save number, currency and percentage data to the hundred millionth (e.g. 0.00000001).

Native High Precision means that by using Flexpricer’s Vision Product Selector, you can reduce the impact of rounding errors on products that require pricing to a higher level of precision.

Display Additional Decimal Places on Currencies in Vision Product Selector

Vision Product Selector will always work with high-precision but out-of-the-box will truncate the display of currency (e.g. Sales Price) to 2 decimal places (even though more decimal places are saved).

To display additional level of precision, perform the following setup steps.

  • Ensure that Translation Workbench is enabled 
  • Go to Setup > Search (type Translation Workbench) > Translation Workbench
  • Click the Enable button

  • Go to Setup > Search (type Custom Labels) > Custom Labels
  • Click on the custom label called Currency_value_format
  • Press the New Local Translations / Override button
  • Select your language and change the translation text to 0,0.000 (for 3 decimal places) or 0,0.0000 (for 4 decimal places) or as required
  • Click Save

Vision Product Selector will now display currencies to additional decimal places.

Important Information for Administrators

  • Flexpricer will display and save data to a higher degree of precision than Salesforce presents by default in its user interface (either Lightning or Classic), therefore data will display in standard Salesforce fields as rounded to 2 decimal places unless you have requested more decimal places from Salesforce Support.
  • To make higher precision data available more easily to end users and administrators, Flexpricer additionally writes the high-precision values to its own fields on Opportunity Product and Quote Line Item. These are Quantity (8dp), Discount (8dp) and Sales Price (8dp).

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