Sales Notifications

What are Sales Notifications and Why are they Useful

Sales Notifications are instant, in-browser notifications, which provide sales users with useful sales intelligence. For example, they can advise sales users of up/down/cross-sell potential for the products they’ve added to an opportunity.

Setup Sales Notifications

  • Go to the FlexPricer Setting page
  • Under ‘Platform’ check the box to Enable Sales Notifications
  • There are 3 sub-features of Sales Notifications, which have the defaults pre-set:
  1. Set the maximum number of Sales Notifications per user action
  2. Set the maximum number of past days to count Product Sales – allows FlexPricer to search back the set number of days for opportunities when returning notification results
  3. Use Sharing Rules to limit the data summarised within Sales Notifications – check the box so that notifications will only be displayed for Opportunity Products that the user has visibility of

Note: If sub-feature 3. is not enabled, then notifications will be displayed based on all opportunity products in your Salesforce organisation.

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