Sales Notifications

What are Sales Notifications and Why are they Useful

Sales Notifications are instant, in-browser notifications, which provide sales users with useful sales intelligence. For example, they can advise sales users of up/down/cross-sell potential for the products they’ve added to an opportunity if the up/down/cross-sell feature is enabled.

Sales Notifications in Flexpricer

The following Sales Notifications are activated when this feature is enabled.

Notification NameDescription
Most Recent SaleNotifies the user of the owner of the most recently closed won opportunity that includes the added product
Most Frequently Sold WithNotifies the user of additional product(s) that are most frequently included on opportunities that contain the added product
Number of SalesNotifies the user of the number of times that the added product has been included in closed won opportunities in the last N days (N specified in Settings)
Top SalespersonNotifies the user of the owner of most number of opportunities that are closed won and include the added product
Included in BundlesNotifies the user of the fixed bundles that the added product is included in
Volume Discounts & PricesNotifies the user that volume discounts and quantity-based pricing is available for the added product

Setup Sales Notifications

  • Go to the Flexpricer Settings page
  • In the Vision Product Selector section, slide the slider next to Sales Notifications
  • There are 3 sub-features of Sales Notifications, which have the defaults pre-set:
  1. Set the maximum number of Sales Notifications per user action
  2. Set the maximum number of past days to count Product Sales – allows Flexpricer to search back the set number of days for opportunities when returning notification results
  3. Use Sharing Rules to limit the data summarised within Sales Notifications – slide this slider the box so that notifications will only be displayed for Opportunity Products that the user has visibility of

Note: If sub-feature 3. is not enabled, then notifications will be displayed based on all opportunity products in your Salesforce organisation.

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