Quick Add Products in Salesforce

What are Quick Add Products in Salesforce and Why are they Useful?

Quick Add Products massively speeds up adding products to opportunities. No longer do your sales users need to make multiple clicks and presses to add a product for an opportunity. The Quick Add search field will dynamically search and auto-complete product names, codes and families for the content you enter, and then add a product based on the default quantity configured.

So in the below example, if I enter the following words:

  • “Machine” – I’ll quickly see all products with machine in their name or in the Machine product family
  • “Bean” – I’ll see products with bean in their name.
  • “bcm” –  is part of a product code, so I see an even tighter list.

If I select the item from the Quick Add Search field, it will be added to the opportunity with a default quantity of 1, which is configurable on the Flexpricer® Settings page.

You can also set a Default Quantity that’s specific for each individual product by specifying a value in the Default Quantity field on the Product record. Default Quantity Y/Z fields are also available if you are using Flexpricer’s Dimensional Quantities or Simple Subscription features.

Quick Add Products also allow you to select multiple line items from search results. Just press the View Results link at the bottom of the results to generate a popover where you can select multiple products.

Quick Add Products is a sales time-saver that makes it faster than ever for your sales users to add products to opportunities and quotes using a wide range of search criteria.

How to Set up Quick Add

  • No additional setup is needed to use basic Quick Add functionality.  Search will return the product names of all product records that match your search. By default, Vision Product Selector will search Product Name, Product Code and Product Family.

  • If you wish to customise the fields on the Product object that are used in Search…
    • Visit Setup then search for the Product object in Object Manager and click on Product.
    • Click on Field Sets in the menu area and then on Flexpricer® Search Fields in the main area
    • Drag the fields that you wish to search into the field set. Flexpricer will search these fields, though due to Salesforce-imposed restrictions, Long Text fields cannot be searched.

  • If you wish to customise the fields displayed in search results
    • Visit Setup then search for the Product object in Object Manager and click on Product.
    • Click on Field Sets in the menu area and then on Flexpricer® Quick Add Display Fields in the main area
    • Drag the fields (maximum 3) that you wish to display into the field set. Fields are presented in the order displayed in the field set.  The first field is displayed in search results as normal text.  The second and third fields are displayed as badges next to the first field.

  • If you wish to change the default quantity of any product added using Quick Add, then…
    • Add the Default Quantity field to the Product page layout
    • Populate the this field with a non-zero value.
    • Each time that the product is added to an opportunity or quote, it will be added with its default quantity.

Advanced Administrator Information

  • Quick Add Products has two search modes that you can swap between – Search with SOQL (default) and Search with SOSL. You can enable Search with SOSL on the Flexpricer Settings page.
  • Search with SOSL performs searches within Vision Product Selector using Salesforce’s Search Language that returns characters with diacritics in Search results.
  • Salesforce’s Search Language will not limit itself to specific fields on the Product object and will start searching for the search term from the start of a word and does not (like Vision Product Selector’s default search) search for characters within a word.

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