Allowed Quantities in Salesforce

What are Allowed Quantities in Salesforce and Why are they Useful?

Allowed Quantities help your sales team accurately select quantity multiples for a product where there are restricted volumes to sell.

For example, you may have a product that may only be sold in multiples of 10. The Allowed Quantities feature allows you to specify the exact quantities that a sales user may select from a predefined picklist instead of freely editing the quantity field.

How to Set Up Allowed Quantities in Salesforce

  • Add the ‘Allowed Quantities’ multi-select picklist to your Product page layout
  • Visit the Object Manager fields for Product in Setup and create the quantities that can be selected as multi-select picklist values in the Allowed Quantities picklist.

How to Use Allowed Quantities in Salesforce

  • Allowed Quantities must first be enabled in Flexpricer Settings for the functionality to run.
  • When a value is present in the ‘Selected Values’ column of the Allowed Quantities multi-select picklist on a Product, then if that Product is added as a line item to an Opportunity or Quote, then the a picklist is displayed for the quantity of the Product instead of an edit field.
  • The selectable values in the quantity picklist are those that are ‘Selected Values’ in the related ‘Allowed Quantities’ multi-select picklist on the Product.

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