Guided Upsell in Salesforce

What is Guided Upsell in Salesforce and Why is it Useful

Guided Upsell in Salesforce allows you to connect a range of products from low-value to high-value and then pro-actively offer the sales user an easy way to swap out the product that they have selected for a customer with the next up in the range.

The feature also empowers you to offer down-sell and cross-sell options for any given product.
For example we have a range of espresso machines: Lux, Compact, Modern and Traditional. If a user adds an Espresso Modern coffee machine to an Opportunity, then they are automatically offered Up/Down/Cross-Sell options:

  • Upsell: option of ‘Traditional’ – top of the range product
  • Down-Sell: option of ‘Compact’ – a cheaper model
  • Cross-Sell option of ‘Coffee Grinder Lux’ – a complementary product 

To accept either of the options, simply click the Product button to swap with either the Up/Down/Cross-Sell product.

Use Upsell to proactively offer the sales team higher-value products to offer to customers and increase the value of an opportunity.

Use Down-Sell instead of discounting products to achieve a sale without compromising your pricing strategy

Use Cross-Sell to offer complementary products related to the selected product.

How to Setup Guided Upsell in Salesforce

  • Go to the Flexpricer Settings page

  • Under the ‘Sales Empowerment’ section check the box to
    Enable Up/Down/Cross-Sell and click Save

  • Go to Setup > Search (type Product) > Product > Page Layouts > Edit

  • Under the Product Page Layout add the related list
    ‘Related Products’ 

  • Next to the Related Products related list, click on the spanner and
    select Related Product, Up-sell, Down-sell and
    Cross-sell fields

  • Click Save and Yes to override users’ customisations

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