Enterprise Pricing Partners in Salesforce

What is Enterprise Pricing Partners in Salesforce and Why is it Useful

Enterprise Pricing Partners enables you leverage account-specific pricing on an opportunity or quote from an account other than that specified in the Account lookup.

You can leverage Enterprise Pricing Partners to agree sales prices and/or discounts for individual or groups of products for your Partners/System Integrators/Resellers. Then, when an opportunity or quote for a ‘normal’ Account is additionally associated with the Partner, it picks up that Partner’s pricing.

Setup of Flexpricer’s Enterprise Pricing Partners

  • Go to Flexpricer Settings page
  • Check the box next to Enterprise Pricing Partners. This will enable the feature.
  • Edit the Opportunity page layout and add the Pricing Partner field to the layout:

How Enterprise Pricing Partners Works

The following Account-Focused Features are supported through Enterprise Pricing Partners

When the Pricing Partner (a lookup to Account) is populated, Flexpricer reads product pricing adjustments from the Pricing Partner account the next time it loads and is used to add/edit line items on the Opportunity/Quote.

Flexpricer uses pricing from the Pricing Partner exclusively and does not combine it with any pricing adjustments that may be available from the account in the standard Account lookup field.

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