How to remove a user’s access to Flexpricer

Like pretty much all AppExchange apps, in order to use Flexpricer functionality, users need a license.

However, when a user leaves your business or no longer needs to use Flexpricer, you should remove their license to free it up to allocate to someone else.

Remove Licenses from Users

  • In Setup, search for ‘Installed Packages’ using Quick Find and click on the link to ‘Installed Packages’
  • Find ‘Vision Product Selector / Flexpricer® CPQ’ in the list of installed packages and press the ‘Manage Licenses’ link next to the package name
  • In the ‘Licensed Users’ section of the Package Details page, either click the ‘Remove’ link next to the users you wish to remove the license from or press the ‘Remove Multiple Users’ button and select multiple users

Having completed the steps above, you will have free’d up Flexpricer licenses to allocate to new users.

Permission Sets

To keep your org tidy, you may also wish to remove any Flexpricer Permission Sets or Permission Set Groups that are allocated to the users you have just removed licenses for, however this is not required because removing the license overrides any access that the permission sets give to Flexpricer’s custom objects, fields and pages.

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