Choosing between Bundle Pricing and Add-on Products

What’s the difference between them?

This article is relevant for FlexPricer installations up to v1.36, where Bundle Pricing and Add-on Products have been renamed to Fixed Bundles and Guided Bundles.

We often get asked about how FlexPricer manages bundles and then end-up implementing Add-ons… so what IS the difference and when to use each?

Bundle Pricing is part of our Price Controls feature set. This is because it’s used to control the pricing. In the FlexPricer world, a bundle is like a box. You prepare by putting all the products you want in the box. Then, you let your sales team sell the box. Think of it like a gift set. You’ve created a gift set that includes a suite of your products and you sell the gift set for a specific price – NOT the sum of the products in the gift set.

Add-on Products is part of our Sales Empowerment feature set. This is because it’s used to automatically add line items to an opportunity (to save a sales user’s time adding them on themselves). You prepare to use Add-on Products by choosing the products you want automatically added on as line items. Then, when a sales user adds the master product to an opportunity or quote, the add-on products are automatically added as well. It’s a way of accelerating getting line items onto an opportunity. However, once on there, line items are just regular line items – you can edit quantity, price, discount etc. or even remove them.

Bundles give you control over pricing, Add-ons give you flexibility.

FlexPricer Feature SetPrice ControlsSales Empowerment
Line Items automatically added upon selection of a ‘Master’ productYESYES
Quantity of individual line items locked to multiples of the ‘Master’ productYESNO
Price of individual line items can be changedNOYES
Individual line items can be removedNOYES

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