What to Expect from Flexpricer Support

Support Hours

We have a UK-based support team, targeted to respond to emailed questions and issues within 2 UK business days. Often it’s a lot quicker than this.

Our typical working pattern is Monday to Friday 09:00–17:30 in the UK Local Timezone.

What Issues Can We Help With

Our support team can help with you resolving issues that specifically relate to Flexpricer.

To help you decide whether you should raise your question/issue with us, a list of supported areas of the app are outlined below.

  • Resolving any unexpected or undocumented behaviour in the Flexpricer interface, including quantity and price calculations, adding/removing line items, product search results, etc.
  • Resolving any Apex error that appears in Salesforce referencing the namespace crms11
  • Identifying if any error that is suspected to be caused by Flexpricer but does not reference the namespace crms11 is related or unrelated to Flexpricer. In the event that the error is related to Flexpricer, identifying a workaround or other resolution.
  • Explaining, demonstrating, enabling and disabling Flexpricer features
  • General guidance on applying Flexpricer permission sets to users
  • General guidance on creating permission sets for standard objects and fields
  • General guidance on applying Flexpricer custom permissions to profiles and permission sets
  • General guidance on adding Flexpricer fields and Flexpricer related lists to Page Layouts
  • General guidance on adding Flexpricer visualforce component embeds on Lightning Record Pages
  • Assistance with confirming Flexpricer button overrides
  • Assistance with display of Flexpricer visualforce pages on Account records (eg. Account Pricelist, Bespoke Account Volume Price Visualizer)
  • Supplying template import files for Flexpricer custom objects and fields
  • Identifying formatting issues in import files (but not changing import file data)

Issues Beyond The Scope of Flexpricer Support Team

Whilst we’d love to help you with solving all your Salesforce issues, our team are focused and trained in Flexpricer.

This means that for business process issues (e.g. integrations, automations, validations, approvals and behaviour outside Flexpricer) and any other general Salesforce issue, you should refer to your Salesforce System Administrator, Salesforce Consultant or Salesforce Partner in the first instance. Or, speak to CRM SuperStars who are specialists in both!

Below are some examples of the kinds of support queries that should be directed to your general Salesforce Support team.

  • Designing, building and resolving issues relating to managing business processes – this means customised automations using process builder, flows, workflows, triggers, integrations and Apex code even if they depend or are based on Flexpricer custom objects, fields or data
  • The population of and use of Flexpricer custom objects and fields for purposes outside of the Flexpricer interface
  • Data cleansing, manipulation and importing including editing, creating and removing data records (e.g. Products, Pricebooks, PricebookEntries, Accounts, etc.)
  • Validation of accurate pricebook data, prices and costs (except line item calculation issues)
  • Data caching issues relating to the use of the Lightning Interface

Unsupported Activities

Whilst it’s not feasible to list all unsupported activities, you should be mindful that Flexpricer’s behaviour is primarily controlled through its user interface based on data fields stored in standard and custom fields.

Any manual or automated changes made to data that Flexpricer depends upon is likely to result in unexpected behaviour within the Flexpricer interface and are therefore unsupported.

You must also not attempt to use of the app in an undocumented manner that attempts to breach our terms and conditions or circumnavigate Salesforce’s Sharing and Security Settings.

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