Sample Data Upload Templates (Coffee Shop Demo)

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You’ll see us demo and run-up trials of a fictional Coffee Shop called ‘Commercial Coffee Co’ to showcase Flexpricer’s features.

As Flexpricer benefits from a one-click enablement of features and then is driven by data records, we thought you’d find it useful to see the raw data-set we use for Commercial Coffee. These are provided IN UPLOAD ORDER to help you avoid issues with dependent data.

When we perform our uploads, we typically use so that we can reference records by an identifier other than record ID. For example, when we perform uploads we use ProductCode as the identifier for a product. The list below shows the fields that we use to identify each record for an object.

  • Account (Name)
  • Account Group (Name)
  • Product Group (Name)
  • Pricebook (Name)
  • Product (ProductCode)

Download CSV Files

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