FlexPricer Data Upload Templates (Coffee Shop Demo)

Download templates here

You’ll see us demo and run-up trials of a fictional Coffee Shop called ‘Commercial Coffee Co’ to showcase FlexPricer’s features.

As FlexPricer benefits from a one-click enablement of features and then is driven by data records, we thought you’d find it useful to see the raw data-set we use for Commercial Coffee. These are provided IN UPLOAD ORDER to help you avoid issues with dependent data.

When we perform our uploads, we typically use https://dataloader.io so that we can reference records by an identifier other than record ID. For example, when we perform uploads we use ProductCode as the identifier for a product. The list below shows the fields that we use to identify each record for an object.

  • Account (Name)
  • Account Group (Name)
  • Product Group (Name)
  • Pricebook (Name)
  • Product (ProductCode)

Download CSV Files

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