How to change the tab names and related list labels of Flexpricer objects

Flexpricer is installed in your Salesforce organization as a managed package. This means that the steps to change some of the visible names of our objects and fields is slightly different to those you create yourself.

You cannot directly change the names of Flexpricer’s objects, but you can change the way they are displayed to your users.

Changing Tab Names

The good news is changing tab names is the same for a managed package as it is for standard and your own Salesforce objects.

  • In Setup, go to the Rename Tabs and Labels menu
  • Scroll towards the bottom of the page to find the Custom Tab heading
  • In this section, find the name of the object whose Tab you wish to change and press the Edit link
  • You can now edit the Name label and Singular and Plural Names

We rarely need to alter the name of an object after it is released, however it is possible that when you upgrade Flexpricer, the name of an existing object may be changed. When this happens, you will need to change the Tab Name again.

Changing Field Names & Related List Labels

You can change the names of any fields and related list labels contained within the app using Translation Workbench as outlined in this support article.

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