Active checkbox on Product record in Salesforce

Salesforce’s standard Product Selector ignores the Active checkbox on a Product record.

This means that your only method to hide a product from the Product Selector is to deactivate all the PricebookEntries.

Vision Product Selector and Flexpricer does not show Inactive Products in search results.

This means that in order for a product to appear in search results, all the following must be true.

  • Pricebook is Active
  • Product is Active
  • PricebookEntry is Active

Additionally, Vision Product Selector includes a field called ‘Hide from Search’ on the Product record. This means that if you wish to hide a product from search results, but use other Flexpricer features to potentially add the line item on, you can check this checkbox to do so.

A common implementation of this is when using Configurator to display options that are only relevant in the Configurator.

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