Uninstallation Guide

We’re Sorry To See You Go 😞

But on the positive side, Flexpricer uninstalls like any other AppExchange App, so it’s super quick and easy.

IMPORTANT: Please remember that like all Managed AppExchange Apps, uninstalling Flexpricer removes all data stored in objects and fields that are provided by the app.  To retain this information, remember to select the Save Uninstall Data option as the final step before uninstalling.

Your existing opportunity products and quote line items will retain their quantity, sales price and discount values – however all data used in calculating these values will be removed.

Uninstallation Steps

  • Ensure that all Flexpricer visualforce components are removed from Lightning Page Layouts
    • Account Pricelist (Account object)
    • Product Summary (Account object)
    • Flexpricer (Opportunity object)
    • Flexpricer_Quote (Quote object)
  • Ensure that all Flexpricer fields or buttons are removed from Standard Object Page Layouts, including Related Lists on these layouts
    • Account
    • Opportunity
    • Opportunity Product
    • Quote
    • Quote Line Item
    • Product
    • Pricebook
    • PricebookEntry
    • Contract
  • Remove (not just deactivate) all workflows, processes, flows, validation rules, components, apex and any other custom configuration that you have created that depends upon Flexpricer data fields or objects
  • Remove or amend all email templates, reports and dashboards that depend on Flexpricer data fields or objects so that there is no longer a dependency.
  • Remove the Flexpricer permission sets and licenses from all users
  • Undo the button overrides that can be found here and return the buttons to the standard salesforce buttons. After performing this step, you can check that pressing the ‘Add Product’ or ‘Edit All’ button on the Opportunity Product related list on Opportunity fires up Salesforce’s standard product selection page.
  • Press the cog (in Lightning) at the top right of page and then Setup
  • In quick find, search for Installed Packages and click-through to the Installed Packages page
  • Search for Flexpricer in the list and press the Uninstall link to the left of the package name
  • If any steps have been missed above, Salesforce will advise you of actions to take before uninstallation.
  • Choose whether to save any Flexpricer data.
  • You may now select whether to save data.  Even though you will not be able to use this data in Flexpricer, we strongly recommend that you save it. 
  • The Flexpricer Team does not have any access to uninstalled data and if you choose not to save, it will be irretrievably lost.  Please also note that Salesforce only makes data from uninstalled packages available to download for a limited time after uninstallation. 
  • Data in Flexpricer fields on standard objects is not retained on uninstallation
  • Finally, press the Uninstall button to remove FlexPricer from your Salesforce organization.

After uninstalling Flexpricer, if you have not used the Quotes functionality, you may optionally deactivate Quotes in your Salesforce organization.

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