Legacy Naming Guide

In Flexpricer v1.33 we started to introduce new names for certain features and realigned these names to an updated set of ‘fundamentals’.  The purpose of this is to better align our features with CRM and CPQ industry terms.

We are working through our back-catalog of assets to update names and hope that the explainers below will help.

Four Fundamentals become Five

Flexpricer launched with what we termed the ‘four fundamentals’. These original fundamentals were used to group together relevant features to make it easier to understand the different categories of functionality.

  1. Platform
  2. Price Controls
  3. Sales Empowerment
  4. Sector Solutions

The four fundamentals have now been replaced with five – with each of the new categories including a selection from the original.  There is not a one-to-one mapping from the four fundaments to five.

  1. Selling Made Simpler
  2. Simple Guided Selling
  3. Account-focused Strategies
  4. Product-focused Strategies
  5. Finance Management

You can find  the fundamentals listed on our home page and support pages, grouping together the current feature set.

Feature Renaming

The table below shows the mapping of our current feature names to legacy names, which may appear in some pages, videos and within the FlexPricer app (particularly if you already have an earlier release installed).

Feature NameLegacy Name
Bespoke Account PricingClient Pricing
Segmented Account PricingMatrix Pricing
Fixed Product BundlesBundle Pricing
Guided Product BundlesAddon Products
Volume Pricing and DiscountsVolume Pricing
Quantity Price BreaksTiered Pricing
Target Discounted TotalTotal Price Revision