How To Bulk Update Price Book Entries Using Salesforce DataLoader.IO

The Use Case for Salesforce

You might have multiple products and multiple price books that you want to perform a bulk update on. This may seem quite daunting at first, especially if you’ve taken a look at the standard Salesforce Data Loader.

In the video, we show how to use DataLoader.IO to simplify this task and perform a salesforce bulk update on pricebook entries.  Then, further below there’s a step-by-step guide to take you through the process of exporting/important.

It’s worth mentioning that you can use to export/import/update up to 10,000 records per month free of charge.  If you need to update more than this number of records, then you’ll need to subscribe.

Dataloader Visual

Export / Import Steps

  • Login to with your salesforce account.
  • Head to new task and export the Price Book Entries.
  • Specify fields to export from the Price Book Entry (Remember to select the Price Book Entry ID – This is the field used to perform the update).
  • Once you run the export, DataLoader.IO will connect to your Salesforce Org and query the price book entries, exporting them into a CSV file for you to update. The file will display multiple price books such as retail price book or standard price book.
  • After the changes have been made on the file, save as a CSV and create a new import task in DataLoader.IO.
  • Hit ‘run’ after choosing the relative information in the update process and this will do an update operation on all of the price book entries in Salesforce.

Keep In Mind…

  • Whilst manipulating any of the information in the CSV file, it’s key to always keep the ‘price book entry ID’ column in there.
  • If you’re using multiple price books and you’ve got the ‘Use Standard Price’ selected on some of those price book entries – when you perform the update it may fail on those price book entries because it’s connected to the standard price.
  • In a scenario where each product has a different price per price book (one for each currency) – Include the ‘currency ISO code’ in the export field.
  • Filter the export (pre-export) to only include one price book per run – because the export is limited to 1000 rows.