How to Build a Target Dashboard in Salesforce

This is a repost of a very short video masterclass on how to build a target dashboard in Salesforce out from our sister brand, CRM SuperStars.

It was recorded in 2017 but still relevant today and can really help businesses working with reporting performance of the opportunities against targets in Salesforce.

So, if you’re looking to build a target dashboard in Salesforce that displays your won and pipeline opportunities AND can break down targets per person AND can display this against a monthly target, then this video will show you exactly how.

The methods shown here work in Essentials Edition and above.

These 15 minutes could transform your Salesforce!  Watch to the end to get the password for the installation package.

(Because this clip was recorded in 2017, Matthew dips into Classic to do some of the configuration.  You can, of course, use Lightning.)

Cheat Sheet

Matthew refers to a cheat-sheet that you can download from the page – you no longer need to fill in a form with your name and address, you can just download the sheet here:

Package Install

You can install the fields, report and dashboard that Matthew built in this video now from AppExchange.  You’ll need the installation password that Matthew mentions towards the end of the video.

Click through to the listing and install from AppExchange here: