Fixed Product Bundles for Salesforce

What are Fixed Product Bundles for Salesforce and Why are they Useful?

Bundle pricing allows you to easily group products that are frequently sold together, and then set the price for the bundle. Different quantities of each product can be included in the bundle. You can then add the bundle to an Opportunity rather than adding each individual product, one-by-one. 

In the below example we have a “New coffee shop” bundle of:

  • 1 coffee machine,
  • 100 cups
  • 10 bags of coffee beans. 

The individual price of these products is £x and we can see that the bundle is priced at £y.
Use Bundle Pricing to create compelling offers of complementary products and increase the value of the sale.

Setup Bundle Pricing

  • Go to Flexpricer® Settings page
  • Under the ‘Product-Focused Strategies’ section slide the Fixed Product Bundles slider to Enabled
  • If, instead of zero-ing out the Sales Price of the bundle contents, you would like to have the Sales Price value calculated as a proportion of the value of the bundle, slide the Calculate Proportionate Sales Price Values for Fixed Bundle Contents slider to Enabled
  • Go to Setup > Search (type Product) > Product > Page Layouts > Edit
  • Under the Product Page Layout add the related lists ‘Bundle Contents’ and ‘Contained within Bundle’
  • Next to the Bundle Contents related list, click on the spanner and select the ‘Individual Product’ and ‘Quantity’ fields
  • Next to the Contained within Bundle related list, click on the spanner and select ‘Bundle Product’ and ‘Quantity’ fields
  • Click Save and Yes to override users’ customisations.  

Note: Your sales team cannot add or remove products to the bundle with Flexpricer’s Vision interface.

Using Bundle Pricing

  • Create a Bundle Product – Click on the Product tab > select New
  • Name this product, which will be the master bundle product, tick the Active checkbox and give the bundle product a Price by creating an Active PricebookEntry
  • To add items to the fixed bundle product: in the Fixed Bundles (Bundle Product), related list press New
  • Choose the Individual Product and Quantity
  • Click Save and New to add more products to the bundle.

A bundle can then be added to an Opportunity.

  • Go to the Opportunity, launch Flexpricer’s Vision Product Selector and then search and add the Fixed Bundle Product
  • You can change the quantity of the bundle master and the quantities of the contents will change automatically
  • If you enabled the slider to calculate proportionate sales prices on the bundle contents, you will see the proportionate prices displayed

Note: you don’t need to use bundles exclusively, you can add on further individual products (or other bundles) to the opportunity. 

The following video also demonstrates how to setup and use Bundle Pricing.

Useful Administrator Notes

  • When a Fixed Bundle Master product is added as a line item, the boolean Is Bundle is checked on the line item
  • When an item contained within a Fixed Bundle is added as a line item, the boolean Is Bundle Item is checked on the line item
  • You can use the booleans in reports, dashboards and any document generation tools to decide how to present bundle information.

Important Administrator Considerations

  • If using multiple pricebooks, ensure that all products (bundle and individual) are all in the same pricebook.  You will see unexpected behaviour if a bundle product is added as a line item and the bundle contents are not in the same pricebook.

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