Create a Contracted Price record from a Won Opportunity


Contracted Prices are a great way to lock in a particular price for a particular product for a particular account until a particular date.  And when you’ve got through that mouthful, the question you’re left with – so how do I do that?

This Flexpricer® Labs Extension allows sales users to fix prices for accounts by filling in a ‘Fix This Price Until’ field on an Opportunity Product.

This triggers the creation of a Contracted Price record when the Opportunity is won, thereby locking in the price for that product for that account until the ‘Fix This Price Until’ date.

This means that every time the product is added to an Opportunity until the ‘Fix This Price Until’ date, it is set at the Account’s contracted price.

The extension page is UNMANAGED, which means you can edit and change the components as you need.

  • Supports Professional Edition and above
  • 3 Custom Fields
  • 2 Processes (Process Builder)
  • 1 Validation Rule
  • 1 Permission Set

Installation and Usage

You can install this free, unmanaged extension using the link below.  You need to ensure that Vision Product Selector / Flexpricer is already installed in your org.

Custom Fields on Opportunity Product

  • Updated Price
    A formula field that holds the final price of the product after sales price adjustment and discount
  • Fix This Price Until
    A date field that should be added to the Optional Field Display fieldset so that it is displayed against line items for sales users to fill in (if required)
  • Check and Create CP Record
    A checkbox field that is used as a trigger for the process to create Contracted Price records (if required)


  • FLE 01 Opportunity
    When an opportunity is won, iterate over the opportunity line items and check the ‘Create BAP Record if Required’ checkbox
  • FLE 01 Opportunity Product
    When the ‘Check and Create CP Record’ checkbox is checked AND there is a date populated in the Fix This Price Until field on the line item, create a Contracted Price record for this Product on the Account that is related to the Opportunity with an expiry date of the ‘Fix This Price Unit’ date and a price of the ‘Updated Price’ field.

Validation Rule

  • FLE 01 Duplicate CP Check
    This rule prevents ‘Fix This Price Until’ being used on a line item if a bespoke price is already applied.  The rule provides instructions to the user to update the expiry date on the Bespoke Account Price record instead.

Permission Set

  • The permission set FLE 01 gives access to the fields contained with the package