User-friendly display of high precision currency and quantity values


Flexpricer works natively to 8 decimal places, which is great for precision but all those extra zeroes can sometimes be distracting to users.

This free Flexpricer® Labs Extension makes it easier to display currency and quantity fields on Subscription Contracts, Subscription records and Billing records to 2 decimal places.

The package also includes a cool formula field that incorporates the Flexpricer quantity labels on Opportunity Product and Quote Line Item.  The field is called ‘Quantity Breakdown’ and you can use this as a replacement to the standard ‘Quantity’ field on the Opportunity Product and Quote Line Item related lists.

The extension package is UNMANAGED, which means you can edit and change the components as you need – so you can adjust the number of decimal places to a number that best fits for your company.

  • Supports Professional Edition and above
  • 19 Custom Fields

Installing this package will not make any changes to your page layouts. You’ll need to update layouts to include the fields.

We recommend installing for ALL USERS as no permission set is included in this package.

Installation and Usage

You can install this free, unmanaged extension using the link below.  You need to ensure that Vision Product Selector / Flexpricer is already installed in your org.

All fields display the similarly named Flexpricer field to 2 decimal places.

Custom Fields on Contract

  • Total Billing (2dp)

Custom Fields on Subscription

  • Total Amount (2dp)
  • Max Unit Price (2dp)
  • Min Unit Price (2dp)
  • Average Unit Price (2dp)
  • Quantity (2dp)
  • Total Quantity X (2dp)
  • Total Amount per Quantity Y (2dp)

Custom Fields on Billing

  • Total Amount (2dp)

Custom Fields on Billing Line Item

  • Unit Amount (2dp)
  • Unit Cost (2dp)
  • Total Amount (2dp)
  • Quantity X (2dp)
  • Quantity Y (2dp)
  • Amount per Quantity Y (2dp)

Custom Fields on Billing Journal

  • Amount (2dp)

Custom Fields on Billing Journal Line Item

  • Amount (2dp)

Custom Fields on Opportunity Product

  • Quantity Breakdown

Custom Fields on Quote Line Item

  • Quantity Breakdown