Launch Vision Product Selector using Screen Flow


If you’d like to launch Vision Product Selector / Flexpricer at the end of screen flow, this extension gives you a practical way to do it, with all the hard work done for you.

The extension page is UNMANAGED, which means you can edit and change the components as you need.

  • Supports Professional Edition and above
  • 1 Screen Flow
  • 1 Aura Component
  • No Custom Fields

The demo video shows you how the screen flow works and how it interacts with the Aura Component (both included in the package).

Installation and Usage

You can install this free, unmanaged extension using the link below.  You need to ensure that Vision Product Selector / Flexpricer is already installed in your org.

It’s important to note that Salesforce only permits the Action at the end of the Flow to redirect to Vision Product Selector (or indeed any other page) IF the Flow is launched from a Quick Action button or Flow Component on a Lightning Record Page