Dimensional Product Quantities in Salesforce

What are Dimensional Product Quantities in Salesforce and Why are they Useful?

Dimensional Product Quantities allow you to specify up to 3 dimensions to a quantity. This is particularly useful if you sell products by dimension such as square feet or cubic inches.

When the feature is enabled, then on an individual product, you can specify whether 2 or 3 Quantity fields are displayed for data entry. The sales user then specifies each of the dimensions and these are multiplied together to reach the total quantity.

So, if you price a door in square feet, you may wish to have Quantity X display as ‘width’ and Quantity Y as ‘height’. The user specifies the width and height and this is multiplied together to reach the square foot value. Both the width and height values are saved and used by Flexpricer to allow users to quickly and easily change the dimensions.

Remember though, dimensions don’t have to be physical. Time is a dimension, so you could use this feature to sell (for example) product or services licenses (Quantity X) and duration (Quantity Y).

Dimensional Product Quantities empower users to simply price and sell products and services that have a dimensional aspect to their quantity. All of the dimensional values and labels are saved so that they can be easily used in displaying the correct information in quotes and other documents.

How to Setup Dimensional Product Quantities

  • Visit the Flexpricer Settings page and check the box next to Dimension Quantities – then press Save. This enables the Dimensional Product Quantities feature.
  • Add the following Flexpricer fields to your Product page layout
    • Quantity Multiplier
    • Default Quantity
    • Default Quantity Y
    • Default Quantity Z
    • Quantity X Label
    • Quantity Y Label
    • Quantity Z Label

How to Use Dimensional Product Quantities

  • To display the dimensional quantities on line items, select either Quantity X or Quantity XX in the Quantity Multiplier picklist. In this context
    • Quantity X means 2 quantities are to be requested (e.g. 4 X 8)
    • Quantity XX means 3 quantities are to be requested (e.g. 4 X 8 X 12)
  • You can label each of the Quantity X, Quantity Y and Quantity Z separately on a per-product basis using the Quantity X/Y/Z Label fields
  • You can also specify a default quantity for each of the Quantity X/Y/Z fields using the Default Quantity fields

Useful Notes

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