Salesforce World Tour London is less than a week away. If you’re a Salesforce user or partner based in the UK, chances are you’ve already booked your free ticket (the show is now sold out). At Flexpricer, we’re jittery with excitement. Here are the 6 reasons why we can’t wait: 

1 is for First Timers. 

We’ve never sponsored or exhibited at Salesforce World Tour before, but we have visited many a previous iteration of the show and we’re obsessed.  

2 is for Martina and (Aston) Martin. 

As tennis fans and car lovers, we can’t decide which speaker to be more enthusiastic about: Multi-time Grand Slam champion Martina Navratilova who will talk about how she leverages data, artificial intelligence, and technology in coaching and training, or Aston Martin’s Salesforce Architect, Kent Packman, who will show how Data Cloud & Einstein 1 help Aston Martin deliver personalised experiences for their customers. 

3 is for the 3 sessions we don’t want to miss. 

The keynote: “Welcome to the AI Enterprise”. Artificial Intelligence is still many a step away from beating a high-performing sales team, but at Flexpricer, we know how smart technology can help small and medium businesses win in the marketplace, so we’ll be avidly taking notes when Salesforce share their five-step formula to help every business become an AI enterprise. 

  • Time: 10 a.m. 
  • Location: Keynote Room 

The theatre session: “How SMBs Can Find, Win, and Keep Customers with AI and CRM”. This session will teach how Salesforce and generative AI can support small, medium or large businesses to help their sales and marketing teams achieve more. We’re here for it!  

  • Time: 1:50 p.m. 
  • Location: Theatre 3 

The breakout: “AI Sales Cloud: Accelerate Growth from Pipeline to Paycheck.” We’re constantly evolving Flexpricer to keep our customers ahead of the competition and in-tune with market trends, so we look forward to hearing about the practical applications of AI in sales. 

  • Time: 6th June, 3:20 pm.  
  • Location:  Breakout 1 (Keynote Room).  

4 is for the day’s four themes: CRM + AI + Data + Trust. 

  • CRM: Because Flexpricer improves customer relationship management by providing a sophisticated CPQ solution.  
  • AI: Because we’ve just launched our Flexpricer AI extension to automate and optimise pricing strategies even more.  
  • Data: Because Flexpricer activates relevant data for sales teams, so they can ground their pricing decisions in real-time insights. 
  • Trust: Because it’s one of our company values: our partners and customers trust us, our team trust each other and even His Majesty The King trusts our company, as proven by the Kings Award for International Trade that we just won. 

5 is for the five p.m. networking reception.   

In the world of technology tools, it’s all about what you know and who you know. We’re always looking to learn more from Salesforce experts and meet kindred spirits. Meet us at the campground.   

6 is the for six types of sessions you can attend.  

We love mixing it up. With breakouts, campfires, hands on workshops, a keynote, roundtable discussions and theatre talks, the agenda does not disappoint.  

 Let’s talk! Our team would love to meet you at Salesforce World Tour London to show you the latest in award-winning Flexpricer – the Clever CPQ for Sales Cloud, including a first peek of our Flexpricer AI extension. Put the best CRM tool in the hands of your sales team, rated 5 stars on AppExchange. Book time with us here: