Quantity Rates and Multipliers in Salesforce

What are Quantity Rates and Multipliers and Why are they Useful?

Quantity Rates and Multipliers make it easier for your sales team to sell products that are priced in one unit, but sold in another. This is particularly relevant for media sales when selling impressions or page views using the ‘CPM’ or ‘per-thousand’ model.
In the below example, Commercial Coffee sells advertising space on its homepage at the rate of £20 per thousand impressions. On the product record we see that the Quantity Rate has been set to CPM
Now, when a sales enquiry arrives for 100,000 impressions on the homepage – the sales person only needs to enter the number of impressions and the correct price is calculated using the ‘CPM’ model.

Use Quantity Rates to make it easier for your sales to present quote with products that are priced in one unit but sold in another. 

Setup Quantity Rates

  • Go to the Flexpricer Settings page

  • Under ‘Sector Solutions’ check the box to
    Enable Quantity Rates > Save

  • Go to Setup > Search (type Product)
    > Product > Page Layout > Edit

  • Under Product Product Page Layout add the
    ‘Default Quantity Rate’ field

  • Click Save and Yes to override
    users’ customisations.

Using Quantity Rates

  • Go to the Quantity Rates Tab

  • Create a Quantity Rate Record (for example; Name = CPM, and Quantity Multiplier = 0.001).

  • You can then lookup to a Quantity Rate record from the necessary Products.

Note: The model is linked to the product, so the customer can order other products and the rates for these are unaffected.


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