Exclude Product in Salesforce

What is Exclude Product in Salesforce and Why is it Useful?

Exclude Product from Search Results allows you to specify that a product is not returned in search results within the Flexpricer interface. This means that your sales users cannot find it by manually searching.

This is useful if you have products that are designated as options to other products and should only be available within the context of their ‘master’ product. Typically these ‘add-on’ or ‘option’ products are used with their relevant features – but there’s no reason why you couldn’t use the feature on any product!

To hide a product from search results in Flexpricer, all you need to do is check the Exclude from Search Results checkbox on the Product record.   Job done!

Use Exclude Product from Search Results to make sure that only relevant, purchasable products are presented to your sales users.

How to Setup Exclude Product in Salesforce

  • Go to Setup > Search (type Product) > Product > Page Layouts > Edit
  • Under the appropriate Product Page Layout add the ‘Exclude from Search Results’ field
  • Click Save and Yes to override users’ customisations.

Exclude from Search Results is a checkbox field.  You can use workflows, process builder and apex to set and unset the field programmatically if you wish.

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