Product-focused Strategies

Sell more with maximum profit/margin using product-focused sales strategies

  • Fixed Product Bundles

    Generate more profit by grouping products together to sell at a special bundle price

  • Volume Pricing And Discounts

    Offer discounts for larger orders at certain volume breaks and encourage up-selling

  • Quantity Price Breaks

    Apply tiered discounts based on the quantity of products added to an opportunity

  • Percentage Pricing

    Set up products whose price is dynamically calculated based on the value of other products on the opportunity or quote

  • Time-Limited Availability

    Allows products to only become available for a time-limited period between a start date and end date

  • Time-Limited Discounts

    Automatically apply a discount to a product when that product is added to an opportunity between the discount start date
    and discount end date

  • Percentage Discount Products

    Add a negative-value line item to opportunities and quotes

  • Quantity Rates & Multipliers

    Price per thousand or other denomination, as suits your product range

  • Dimensional Quantities

    Creates an automatic calculation of square/cubic measurements when quantities are driven by dimensions

  • Exclusion Strategies

    Exclude certain products from search, account discount and account price lists

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