“Now, it typically takes four to five minutes to create a quote. That’s a pretty drastic difference.”

Voltrek is a Massachusetts-based, woman-owned business that specializes in designing, installing and servicing electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure. The company handles the entire scope of these projects, including planning, design, management, construction, and service and maintenance.

Following Voltrek’s acquisition by Orion Energy Systems, a provider of LED lighting, controls and electrical installation and maintenance services, the company is now expanding their services across the US.

Voltrek was struggling with their quote generation process, which was taking too much time and wasn’t suited to their business requirements. The company decided to look for a solution to overcome this problem.

Implementing Flexpricer has drastically transformed the way we work at Voltrek. What used to take us nearly an hour – generating a quote by hand, is now accomplished within a mere 4 to 5 minutes.