Account Pricebooks in Salesforce

What are Account Pricebooks in Salesforce and Why are they Useful?

Account Pricebooks enable you to set a pricebook for a customer so that you always have the right pricebook for the right customer. There is no need for your sales team to repeatedly pick the same pricebook whenever they create an opportunity for an account.

You set a pricebook on an account and that pricebook is to be used on all new opportunities created for that account.

In the below example, we’ve set the Account Pricebook on the “Take-a-break” account to “Franchise Pricebook”. Now, if a sales user creates a new opportunity for Take-a-break, the pricebook automatically uses the “Franchise Pricebook”.

Account Pricebooks save time, reduce risk of the wrong pricebook being used and makes it easier and faster for your sales team to sell at the right price for every product, every time.

Setup Account Pricebooks

  • Go to the Flexpricer Settings page
  • Under the ‘Platform’ section check the box to Enable Account Pricebook > Save
  • Go to Setup > Search (type Account) > Account > Page Layouts > Edit
  • Under the Account Page Layout add the ‘Account Pricebook’ field
  • Click Save and Yes to override users’ customisations.

What are Salesforce Pricebooks or a Salesforce Pricebook?

A Salesforce Pricebook is a catalog of products or services and their corresponding prices. In Salesforce, Pricebooks allow you to create price lists that can be customised for different types of customers, regions, or currencies.

If you’re interested in setting up a Pricebook in Salesforce, the process is straightforward. First, navigate to the “Products” tab and click on the “Pricebooks” link in the sidebar. From there, you can create a new Pricebook, give it a name, and select the currency you want to use for pricing. Once you’ve created a Pricebook, you can add products to it by editing the product record and adding a new price in the “Pricebook Entries” section.

Flexpricer enhances Salesforce with Account Pricebooks. One of the significant benefits of Flexpricer’s Account Pricebooks feature is that you can set a pricebook for a particular customer or account, ensuring that you always have the correct pricebook for the right customer. This feature eliminates the need for your sales team to repeatedly select the same pricebook whenever they create an opportunity for an account, making the process much more efficient and streamlined.

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