Account Discounts in Salesforce

What are Account Discounts in Salesforce and Why are they Useful?

Account Discounts allow you to set a discount on an account record and have that discount automatically applied to every product on every opportunity created for that account.    No need for customer specific pricebooks just because you want to apply a discount to every order.   In the example below we set a discount of 5% on the Take-A-Break account. So, when we add products to an opportunity related to Take-A-Break, we will automatically get a 5% discount.   When we add the Espresso Machine Traditional (EMT) product, we see that the discount is automatically set to 5%, our Discount Hover shows that a 5% Account Discount has been applied.  

Use Account Discount to respond quickly to account-based discounting needs without the overhead of managing pricebooks per customer.

Setup Account Discount

Note that ‘Exclude from Account Discount’ feature is available from Flexpricer v1.23.

  • Go to the Flexpricer Settings page

  • Under the ‘Price Controls’ section check the box to Enable Account Discount > Save

  • Go to Setup > Search (type Account)
    > Account > Page Layouts > Edit

  • In the Account Page Layout add the ‘Account Discount’ field

  • Click Save and Yes to override
    users’ customisations.

  • Go to Setup > Search (type Product)
    > Product > Page Layouts > Edit

  • In the Product Page Layout add the
    ‘Exclude from Account Discount’ field

  • Click Save and Yes to override
    users’ customisations.

Account Discount is a custom percentage field.  You can use workflows, process builder and apex to adjust the values in the Account Discount field programmatically.  The discount is applied whenever a new opportunity product or quote line item is added.

Exclude from Account Discount is a custom checkbox field.  It prevents Account Discount from being applied to the product.

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