Making Selling Simple in Salesforce

The intuitive Salesforce-native interface enhances the way your team sells

  • Real-Time Interface

    Real-time edits & updates before saving,  Advanced quick search finds the right product fast.

  • Custom Fields Support

    Include opportunity product custom fields in the real-time interface to capture additional relevant information.

  • Rapid Product Quantities

    Quickly add predetermined quantities of your products

  • Customizable Product Cards

    Display more details from search and store favourites to quick add to the opportunity

  • Favourite Products

    Select up to 12 products that appear as the first product cards, provided they are in the selected pricebook

  • Simple Quote Launcher

    Allows the sales user to launch a Salesforce quote template from the FlexPricer interface

  • Default Quantities

    Set default quantities of products to be added to opportunities

  • Sales Notifications

    Instant, in-browser, notifications of useful sales intelligence

  • Advanced Precision

    View and save product prices and line items by increasing the number of decimal places

  • Translation Workbench Support

    Change the terminology used in FlexPricer to be specific to your organisation and local languages

  • Smart Line Item Collapsing

    Show or hide by default additional line item fields or profit calculations

  • Read Only Mode For Line Items

    Remove the ability for any user to edit, add or remove line items using the FlexPricer interface