Volume Pricing in Salesforce CRM

What is it?

Volume Pricing in Salesforce changes the final price of a product based on the quantity purchased.  Typically used to offer a lower unit price as the order quantity increases.

Why do I need Volume Pricing in Salesforce?

Standard Salesforce Products and Price Books functionality does not offer volume pricing.  So, your sales team cannot have pre-prepared, consistent set of price adjustments – tailored per product – using standard functionality.

How do I get it?

There are 3 ways to add volume pricing to Salesforce

  1. If you have Enterprise Edition or above, you can undertake custom development to build this functionality.  This approach can be expensive and introduce risk as you try to craft a solution around the many hidden considerations of the way products and pricebooks work in Salesforce.
  2. Approach your Salesforce Account Executive for suggestions of large, complex CPQ solutions that will accommodate almost any possible pricing challenge you can throw at them.  Note that as well as license fees – which will typically be a minimum of $9,000 a year (based on Salesforce CPQ published entry-level pricing at $75/user/mo with a minimum of 10 users) – you will need to consider implementation costs which can be substantial.
  3. Visit AppExchange and try Flexpricer CPQ for Salesforce. The app has matured with over 4 years of consistent development and includes 4 different volume pricing models.  It’s quick to install, easy to use and 100% free to verify that it meets your needs.
Simple volume pricing example

Start benefiting today

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