Simple Guided Selling

Supercharge your sales process with fast, accurate (product and option) recommendations based on your customers needs

  • Up-sell / Down-sell

    Recommend suitable alternative products to Up-sell or Down-sell

  • Cross-sell

    Display additional products that could be sold alongside existing quote line items

  • Simple Product Configurator

    Pop-up configurator with product options and predetermined quantities. Take your Opportunity and Quote Line Items to another level!

  • Guided Product Bundles

    Automatically add related products to an opportunity based on the products you’ve selected

  • Target Discount Total

    Revise the opportunity total amount and automatically spread the discount proportionately across the products

  • Compatible Products

    Highlight products that are compatible (or incompatible) with others

  • Product Locations

    Filter products from your selected pricebook based on warehouse or other location

  • Line Item Price Analysis

    View a quick summary of how the total discount has been spread across items

  • Allowed Quantities

    Allowed Quantities allows an administrator to specify the exact quantities of a product that may be selected on a line item (e.g. 10, 20, 30)