Account-focused Strategies

Guarantee the right price for every customer, every time.

  • Account Pricebooks

    Set pricebooks by accounts rather than opportunities so each time a client orders, you use the right pricebook

  • Account Discounts

    Guarantee a standardised discount to all opportunities in an account

  • Bespoke Account Pricing

    Lock-in agreed product prices or discounts for different clients – so they always get their agreed price. Includes expiry dates.

  • Bespoke Account Products

    Make products specific to an Account (or Customer) – they will then appear in search results only for certain accounts.

  • Pricing Partners

    Leverage account-specific pricing on an opportunity or quote from an account other than that specified in the Account lookup.

  • Segmented Account Pricing

    Change the sales price of groups of products for groups of customers.

  • Dynamic Account Price List

    Search or download an Account price list without having to create a pricebook for each Account